We integrate seamlessly with all of the following social apps, and more...

With Source Metrics, you don't need to abandon your current apps to use our revolutionary conversion tracking software.  Our seamless browser integration lets you easily access and publish your conversion tracking links into any of the following social media publishing tools and listening tools:


Track your e-commerce conversions

We help you quantify how much revenue is being generated from your social media marketing campaigns.

Source Metrics lets you track the success of your social media marketing campaigns in dollars. Our integrated toolset will help you publish, run campaigns and determine the direct financial ROI of your social media marketing efforts.

Clicks, conversion and sales

Know in real time, which of your social media marketing campaigns are driving the most clicks, conversion and sales to your e-commerce store.

Easy Integration

We easily integrate with all the top hosted and enterprise e-commerce platforms so that you can get sales results directly from your own e-commerce system.

Drive in-store conversions from social campaigns

We help large retailers know how many people have come into their stores and purchased products as a direct result of their social media marketing campaigns.

A Source Metrics in-store campaign is the best way to track clicks, conversions and in-store purchases that are a direct result of your social marketing efforts.

We know you've spent a lot of money growing your social communities - now let us help you leverage those communities by getting people into your stores to buy your products.

  • Total in-store conversions across all stores
  • Total in-store conversions by individual location
  • Total in-store conversions by city
  • Total in-store conversions by time of day
  • Total revenue of in-store conversions

Our campaign analytics platform yields some amazing insights, including:

Don't believe it's possible to drive in-store conversions from social?  Check out this Case Study about how we helped one of the largest shopping malls in Canada get a 29% in-mall conversion rate for their social media "Back-to-School" campaign!

Our platform helps retailers track
in-store and online purchases from social.

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